Excellerant, LLC

The name of the company is derived from three words:

Excel, Accelerant,and Rant.

First, Excel means to be good, great, or proficient in a certain subject matter, such as business. Next, an Accelerant is a catalyst used to spark, trigger, or aid an explosion or chemical process. Finally, Rant  means to shout in a passionate manner.

Excellerant will be your catalyst to ignite your hidden potential and transform it into a successful business, so each day you live boldly and passionately.

“When you discover your why, your purpose, your mission in life, then you may live every day passionately.”

Johnny Law

Business Development Executive

Since 2002, Johnny has been been helping organizations, hospitals, medical offices, and physicians become more efficent and profitable. Through the Six Sigma process improvement methodology, Johnny will transform your passion into a successful business.

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Lolly Love

Strategic Partnerships Executive

For over two decades, Lolly has been connecting businesses with people and resources. Her sales and marketing background is in apartment communities, hospitality, restaurants, angel investors, and real estate. Lolly’s dynamic personality makes her the ultimate partnership expert and win-win coach.

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“I love connecting people and businesses to each other. The more connections, the more success.”

“My life mission is to help people heal their wounds from the past, celebrate the present, and view the future.”

Ruth Kramer

Spiritual Coach

Ruth is an internationally known Spiritual Healer for over 27 years. With authentic compassion, she knows how to call forth the best in individuals with amazing accuracy and the Highest Guidance. She is an experienced Intuitive Life Coach, Angel Reader, Nationally Certified Therapeutic Instructor, and Spiritual Reverent.

She is also the author of nine holistic “How To” books and loves to complimentary share her resources such as guided meditation for relaxation. Ruth can meet her clients in person in Maui or online through video conferncing (e.g., Skype, Zoom, etc.)

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Marina Samson

Digiital Marketing Expert & Website Design

Today, every succesful business has an online digital presence which enlists website, social media, and SEO marketing. Marina brings her decades of technical and marketing skills to give your business the edge it needs.

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“do everything with passion and zest, otherwise don’t bother doing it all.”


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Excellerant is always looking to network and collaborate with high-energy professionals and companies that add value and are apart of the new business process.

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