What we do

your Explosive process

Excellerant has an exclusive process to determine your life’s purpose, and implement proven business strategies to monetize your dream into a successful business. Everything from initial concept, marketing plan, funding, online digital presence, implementation, legal & regulatory, human resources, accounting, and on-going growth strategies. Excellerant can either be your catalyst or long-term business partner. We accommodate your needs with our “pH Balance” methodology: pHersonal, pHinancial, and pHysical.

Personal Balance

Excellerant takes a comprehensive approach to your entrepreneurial journey. First, we discover your WHY, your PURPOSE and MISSION in Life. After getting this clarity and focus, we make sure your values and daily actions are congruent with this vision. Business is always personal because it involves YOU and PEOPLE.

Physical Balance

In order to thrive, successful business owners are both mentally and physically healthy. Excellerant works with our clients to ensure they operate in a toxic-free, positive, and encouraging environment. This includes programs to improve one’s fitness health and personal confidence.

financial balance

Most people do not pursue their business ideas because they feel stuck in life’s responsibilities, bills, and a job that drains their energy on a daily basis. Excellerant will help create a temporary financial vehicle to ensure an entrepreneur can develop her or his business while still meeting their worldly financial obligations.

Mastery of Seven Kingdoms

Excellerant empowers each client to master seven essential characteristics to be an effective business owner. We bring distinction to theses characteristics by declaring them in English and Hawaiian for a deeper more ethereal utility. They are as follows:

  1. Transparency / Kupono – to be honest  where one is in his or her life.
  2. Resolute / Onipaʻa – to decide to become an unstoppable force for your destiny.
  3. Belief / Pono – to be inspired by the greater calling and purpose of your existence.
  4. Gratitude / Mahalo – to give thanks for that which will happen, as if they already have.
  5. Integrity / Kuleana – to be responsible with your word and commitments.
  6. Accountability / Alaka’i – to step up, show up, and lead others by example.
  7. Service / Kokua – to know you are rewarded in direct proportion to service of others.